Meet Michelle

Michelle is not a florist... but an artist. It's all she has ever wanted to be. Michelle studied studio-art at Lawrence University, and discovered the artistry of flowers after graduation. Flower Girl Design Studio is her personal gallery, where she can pursue her passion for blending the spirit and sentiment of people, with the colors, shapes, and scents of nature's most beautiful creations. Being picky about the flowers she uses, means offerings beauty and quality no-one else can. What other shops have to special-order, Michelle orders all the time. What other shops call exotic, she calls everyday. And what other shops consider good-enough, she won't even consider. On any given day, her studio is filled with rows and rows of beautiful blooms, all fresh, all premium, most you won't find anywhere but Flower Girl. So, the next time you need a flowers, turn to Michelle and Flower Girl Design Studio!

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